A good brain test for you in Civiballs

What are the characteristics of a good game? There are three aspects that one should look for in a game to be considered as a worthy entertainment medium. First is the entertainment factor where you should be able to identify if you have fun with it whole heartedly. Second is the game play where you should be able to realize if it is a boring or a challenging one. Last is the educational aspects. This is where most games lack in. It is important that gamers can positively learn something that can be very useful in the near future.


If you are looking for an entertaining game with some value or lesson on it, you should try playing the game called Civiballs. This is a game that will surely test your thinking and strategy. The mission or objective that you have to comply or accomplish is to cut the ropes so that the balls will be released towards the corresponding vases. Make sure that you are strategic to win in this game. Read full article for more information.