A great top-down shooting game in Duty Hill 2

Duty Hill 2 is the second installment from the very popular war and action game series called Duty Hill. It is noticeable that games like Duty Hill 2 are very in demand nowadays. There are two reason why. First is because of the involvement of shooting weapons that most people are pond about. Second is because of the thrilling action created which gives gamers the real life feels of fighting or battle. Since this is already the second installment, you can expect for more developments or improvements in terms of graphics and designs as well as the degree of difficulty of the gameplay.


Your goal or mission is still the same with the previous one which is to kill enemies as many as you can while keeping yourself alive. You must be quietly, carefully and precisely infiltrate the enemy territories and then shoot the opponents with the given shooting weapons. The more kills you execute; the more money you will earn for some upgrades.