Be heroic and survive in Strike Force Heroes 2

Shooting games have been getting a lot of attention and popularity among gamers around the world because of two reasons. First reason is because of the shooting weapons involved which most players or gamers are excited to play with. Second is because of the shooting vibes and actions that will occur once the game has started. This article tackles a flash game that features many weapons intended for shooting. It is called Strike Force Heroes. This game is perfect for players who dream to become a hero in reel or real life. It is also a great medium to unwind during stressful events or activities.


The player’s mission in this game is to be a hero who will go undoubtedly in different dangerous places possible. The main goal is to seek, find and conquer the bad terrorists’ base or hideout and silently invade them. After that, you can violently and efficiently use the weapons presented or provided in the game to kill or eliminate all the terrorists. This way, you can restore peace and order in the virtual world.