Be strategically defensive in Kingdom Rush 1

Kingdom Rush 1 is the introductory edition from the series called Kingdom Rush. Obviously, castles and kingdoms will be present in this game. This game requires defense rather than offense. There are three reasons that will make players engage with such flash game. One is because of the medieval touch in terms of designs and backgrounds. This period is really magical and amazing and there is no wonder why it is a great theme to incorporate in movies and television series as well as flash games. Second reason is because of the objective which will test how strategic the players are. Last is the entertainment itself which will be served to many people around the world.

Kingdom rush games (1)

There are enemies who want to raid your kingdom and as the head of the army, you will have to plan and organize a defensive tactic in order to stop the invaders. You will first recruit troops and order them to build the defensive walls you have designed and planned. Make sure that it is firm and strong. Killing the enemies will earn you gold which you can use in availing certain upgrades. If you want to engage in this game, just visit