Be the Monster of Transmorphers2

Monsters are not considered to be figments which are created from misunderstanding. These days we can find monsters in laboratories where they get to be poked and troubled by a group of stupid guys. Do you think that these monsters are going to face injustice in the Transmorphers 2.

This flash game consists of 48 levels. This is a very fun platform for all gamers who love flash games. Help the monsters by escaping the laboratory. You can do this by choosing the option between your mouse or keyboard. This is a great and exciting game to play. Click to jump and select where you want the monster to go, or use the [WASD] or [arrow] keys instead, using [1-4] to swap between monsters. Each monster has its own unique set of talents you’ll need to switch out in order to complete a stage. So are you ready to help your monster friends to escape?