Check Out Some Great Characters In Feudalism 4

This is one more sequel of the series of the great fighting games. Feudalism 4 is an action-packed game and very addictive. It keeps your attention all the time and you never get bored. How could you when there are so many great weapons and powerful characters to be explored. But it requires some of your fighting skills. There are some very good characters with great features and characteristics, but when you progress in the game you will have a possibility to make your own character that will take the victory!
However, you will start with the character of the local chief. His dream is to become a king that will rule the world. To do that, he travels all over the world defeating other kings. You will have your troops that are very skillful and they will help you on your journey. This is a very good game and you will love it!

Feudalism 4 (3)