Doodle God 3-Match Elements

When you talk about a game with combination of both puzzle and science, Doodle God 3 is the best one that comes into the mind. This is game where the sole purpose of the player to find all the possible combination to create all the elements of the world.
This is a single player game, where you need to create new elements from the unlocked elements. You need to understand the nature of each element to figure out which combination can provide you your desired element. Sound like a scientist, right? That is why it was mention that it is a game of science and puzzle. You need to dive into the elements and understand the chemistry among them. Of course, this is a difficult task. If you follow the guideline and play with patience, you will get a hold of the combinations. Well, this is what you want from a puzzle game like Doodle God 3 right? Don’t you?