Draw Your Path In Free Rider 2!

This game is a real fun, not just for boys, but for the girls also! All the gamers that like speed, driving, bikes and action can play this game and spend an amazing time! Free Rider 2 offers different tracks like trails, skate park, downhill and other. You can choose from many vehicles, and in this sequel they are even better and faster. In this sequel visual effects are improved, and the game itself is more challenging. There are some maps that can be very hard to solve. And you can choose from a variety of maps. On your way you will collect stars and power ups. They will help you improve and become better. This game became very popular among teenagers. But it can be played by people of all ages. Even young kids can play it. The game is very creative, since you can create your own path. So if you want some thrill, try it out!