Go to Space with Into Space 1

Into Space 1 is a wonderful game where you can go to the space virtually and you will get lots of fun from it. Here in the game you have to control the spaceship so that you can reach to your destination. You will go for Neptune here in this game. Do you want to try the game? Find it here http://www.intospace3.com/into-space-1.
Into Space 1 gives the players full excitement of going to the space with their spaceship. There will be lots of obstacles on your way but you can avoid them by moving your ship right and left. You can also control the speed. The controls are very easy, you have to use the keyboard arrows only to control the spaceship and it will give you lots of fun. The graphical view of this game is awesome so you can enjoy it a lot and of course you will have very enjoyable time with it.