Hunt artifacts in Duck Life 5

If you love playing adventure games, the game Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt is a must-try game. It is an addicting escapade under the dormant volcano. Your goal is to collect as many rare artifacts and treasures as you can.

In the previous versions of the game series Duck Life, you are to train your duckling in several skills. Your patience will be tested in training it to be good in running, flying, climbing and swimming. Then you will join in duck races and tournaments and do your best to win first place. However, Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt did away with those trainings and tournaments. You now go for an adventure of your life.

After the fire duck had been defeated, the volcano remained dormant for quite some time now. Rumors spread that there are ancient artifacts and treasures hidden in the cave of the volcano. Treasure hunters from all over the world began to head to the cave to search for said treasures. Play as the duckling who will hunt and loot on the said treasures.


Not only did the fifth installment changed in gameplay. It also changed in a lot of ways. The once one-stop show is now divided into six game shops. These shops are the Mechanic Shop where you can buy tools and accessories for your duckling, the Pet Shop where you can acquire pets which are helpful to your duckling’s quest, the Jetpack Shop where you can buy jetpacks for your duckling, the Hairdresser Shop and Clothing Shop where you can personalize your duckling as to its looks, and the Witch Ducktor where you can but tools that will help your duckling collect more coins. All items in all these shops are not just attractive; they affect your duckling’s skills and are of great help. Only, they are expensive as well.

Whenever you go in the cave to hunt, a pop up window will appear. These are challenges which will reward you cash if you achieve them. Collect as many coins as you can too as you go deeper in the cave to add up to your cash. Play the game for free at