Keep Clean Baby Bonnie Ballerina

Baby Bonnie Ballerina is a great game where Bonnie is a naughty baby and she moves all around the house all the time. She gets dirty very soon and you have to clean her and give her the best make-up so that she could look beautiful.
Baby Bonnie Ballerina is interesting and most appropriate game for the girls. Cleaning the baby is really challenging because by nature Baby Bonnie is very naughty and she always go through the dirt. You must play the game very carefully so that you can easily keep her clean. The game is quite interesting to play and by playing the game you will be having lots of fun. The game has very good graphics and you will enjoy really a lot. You don’t need to have fast internet connection to play the game as you have the option to download the game. Just start to play the game online and enjoy your time.