Kill the castles’ people in Crush the Castle 3

Are you aware about the qualities or characteristics of a successful flash game series. There are three factors that can answer this question. First is the entertainment factor. A good series should have a good graphic designs and background so the players will have a pleasant gaming experience. Second is the continuation factor. A series is named as it is because it possesses a progress or a continuation. The last factor is the variety. Since it is a series, there are tendencies that the editions have the same or exact features that might bore the players. There should be a variety of new features in every edition just like what Crush The Castle 3 offers.

This is obviously the third offering from the series because you will easily notice the number 3 in the title. This game as the third installment offers a new feature which pertains to the inhabitants of the castles. The inhabitants are affected by a dangerous disease and as the player, you must kill them all to avoid the spread of disease while destroying every castles you see with the help of boulders and stones. Go and search for it now to have a wonderful gaming experience.