Play Red Ball 5

Are you looking for an enjoyable adventure game? Try playing the Red Ball game series and find the fun you are looking for. Help the cute red ball get through and find the exit doors, just like when you help him in red ball 4.


After all your adventures in red ball 4, indulge in another challenging adventure in Red Ball 5. Your main goal in this installment is to collect all the stars before you go to the exit door. You need to find the hidden objects too in the treasure chest. Jump on the treasure chest to release its contents. There are levels where there are more than one treasure chest. Sometimes, the content is a prerequisite in order to unlock the exit door. Then you should also jump on monsters to kill them.

Unlike in red ball 4, there are no Achievements to complete in Red Ball 5. However, you can boost your score by completing every level in the shortest possible time with complete health heart and by collecting all the stars and hidden objects in the level. Your level score is based on these three factors, and you can finish a level with a rating of three stars if you complied with all these. Challenge yourself to have a three stars rating in each and every level of the game.

Red Ball 5 has thirty exciting levels. As you level up, you may find it becoming more difficult. However, worry free, higher levels are not impossibly hard. And if you got stuck in a level, you can find walkthrough videos to help you survive the level. Though, it would be more fun to finish the game without any help or without peeking in walkthrough videos.

Red Ball 5 may not have a storyline as interesting as that of red ball 4, but you will surely love it as well. The basic concept is simple: collect all the stars, find all hidden objects, kill the monsters by jumping on them, do not die as much as possible and finish the level as fast as you can.