Play slowly but surely in Snail Bob 6

If you are familiar with the flash game series called Snail Bob, you will surely get excited with the new treat that this article will tackle. The series Snail Bob has been giving tons of exciting adventure to many players around the world and has become a sensation because of two things. One is because of the character it has which is a snail. Second is because of the thrilling puzzle/ maze features it has that will surely test the skills of the players. The new treat mentioned earlier is the sixth installment from the series which is called Snail Bob 6.

Snail Bob 6 (5)

As a new version, people or gamers can expect a lot of fun and excitement that they will surely enjoy. This particular game offers 90 levels that a player can enjoy. The objective of the game is still the same which is to guide the snail in travelling and overcoming obstacles along the way and finally reach the exit. This time, the hinders or obstacles are complicated but very manageable. You just have to strategically and slowly but surely move to succeed in this game. Try guiding the snail to its home at