Run like there Is no tomorrow in Return Man 2

Blaze through the field and beyond the defenders, your team depends on you in Return Man 2. Run as fast as you can and pass the guards that are trying to block your way to touchdown. Hand over the victory to the team after you get that football to other side. Catch that pass and start running! You will be playing as a running back, and your goal is to get a touchdown for the team, no more, no less. You control the player by using the arrow keys or I,J,L and K, depending on where you are comfortable.


There will be four possessions or lives that you will work with, and after getting tackled one will be deducted. You will be given a score every after stage, and It will be totaled after you consume all of your lives. There will be moves that will be unlocked after you get to a certain level or stage, which will help you get past through faster and more defenders. Return Man 2 lets you enjoy your favorite sport in the comfort of your chair, you can also play as a running back, without the body pain and exhaustion that you will get after playing a physical sport.