Test your strategic thinking with Wheely 1

There are lots of educational games existing at the moment which are helpful and worthy to be played. There are two main benefits that one can get by playing this type of game. First is the lesson or value that can be picked up or realized as one is playing in the game. Second is the challenge they brought to players that will test their capabilities, skills and patience which is a good thing itself.

If you love this type of game, then you will be happy to be reading this article because it presents a cute but tough game. It is called Wheely 1. Check this game at http://wheely7.com/wheely-1/. From the title, you can sense that it has something to do with cars. The main character in this game is named Wheely which is a persistent car going for a mission. As the player, you must control and navigate Wheely in each level and help him reach the exit point. You should push buttons, flip switches and crank cranks at the right time so that the car will have a smoothing driving adventure.