The different Earn to Die games

If you are a zombie fanatic and you like playing zombie games, you must be playing one of the most popular zombie games online. The Earn to Die game series. Millions of players from around the globe have been playing it day by day in this site.

There are more than seven sequels of the game Earn to Die. All of them have the same gameplay. There are a total of three vehicles to be driven during the game. Each run is equivalent to a day. You earn cash depending on the number of zombies you have killed, the distance you have reached and the average speed you have ran. You must upgrade your vehicle at the end of the day. Upgrading your vehicle will make it perform better the next run. There are several areas to upgrade in your vehicles: wheels, engine, transmission, armor, weapon, boosts and gearbox.

In the first Earn to Die, you need to buy all the vehicles. Though you can buy the third vehicle instead and skipped the second vehicle if you have enough cash. But that will take you way too long to finish the game. In the succeeding versions, each game has three levels. You start with a vehicle and an amount of cash enough to upgrade it once. Then you unlock the next vehicle when you finish the first level. You unlock the third vehicle when you finish the second level.


In Earn to Die 5, the game developers do away with the zombies. In their lieu were enemy soldiers. The setting is during the World War II. You are a medic transporter and you need to get to get to your base as soon as possible so the medics could attend to those soldiers needing medical help.

The Earn to Die 4 site offers all Earn to Die games free. You can enjoy all games without worrying about any fees. And there is no need to create or login to an account first before you can play in this site. There is no club membership as well. You can simply visit this site and choose whichever version you would like to start playing with. There is no need of playing the games sequentially at all.