Train in the playground in Dan N’ Me

Your dad is a legend among the fighters out there and you are obliged to follow on his footsteps. As a young fighting kid you need a training ground, start off where all kids started, the playground. In Dad N’ Me, you play as the young purple fighter. Bash all the playing kids around the neighborhood and kill them however you want. Pick them up and throw them like ragdolls, you will soon be the ultimate killing machine.

The controls are very simple, arrow keys are used for movement. Punch keys are A which is used for a swift but weak punch and S for a strong punch. You can also create combos by using these two alternately or with a certain pattern. There are objects you can pick up and can be thrown to the enemies. After few successive punches you will become enraged, you will move faster and your combos will have your enemies ablaze. Of course you also have your health points, as a training kid, you are still vulnerable to damage from other kids. Once your health bar is depleted, for some unknown reasons, you will blow up yourself. Watch out for bullies that kill other kids, once they see you, the will chase you down and try to beat you to a pulp. These bullies have more health and hit stronger than any kid, including yourself. So create a fight plan on how to defeat a bully.

It sure is fun kicking and stomping on your neighbor’s face but do not try to do this. Enjoy the game in your computer and keep making that fight plan on how you could help Young Purple to become the best killing machine ever. You will be spending some time to finish the game as it is very difficult and there is no way that you can adjust on how hard it is. So, what more to expect in Dad N’ Me 2?

Dad N Me (3)