Use the powers in Harmony of Elements

There are four elements that the world has. They are water, air, fire and earth elements. Do you know their purpose to mankind? If not, then you will be informed right away with the help of this article. Water element is responsible for all the water resources that the world has. Air or wind pertains to the air we breathe that gives us life on a daily basis. Fire element pertains to resources that enable to give heat and light to mankind. Earth element pertains to be environment or land that we live in.



In short, each element is integral and each should be balanced and given respect and importance by people. There is a flash game that helps people become aware of the elements of the world. The flash game is called Harmony of Elements. The story in this game is that all the elements have been dotted around and must get back to their original form. It will be possible with the help of the player. The mission in each level is to successfully utilize each elemental power to succeed in the game. Control the elements and help them reach their necessary location and form in no time.