Win on your side with Tug The Table

Tug The Table is an insane but totally fun flash game existing online. It is insane because it may seem like a time-waster but it will surely put a smile on the player’s faces. It is fun because the game time is about laughing and tugging in the virtual world. There are two other reasons why you should engage with this game. One is because of the fact that it is simple but challenging as you progresses on the game. Two is because of the fun and entertainment you will surely get once you engage with it.

Tug the Table

This is a stickman-themed one-button game. Stickman-themed, which means that the players will be dealing with stick figure characters. It is one button game since the control will depend on one particular button or key on your computer. This is all about tugging the table on your side as much as possible. You should be quick and tug hard so that you will haul the table on your colored side. The good thing about this game is that you can play with a friend or with the computer.